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When work upped-the-antE.

Backstory: Our client had just been promoted to the Board of her firm and even though she already ran a tight ship at home, the ship needed to be even more tightly controlled because overnight her schedule became ever more demanding. 

The problem:  It was very important to our client that she could give her all to the new position, whilst not compromising her home life.

She still wanted to be involved in school functions and parents’ evenings, walk the dog and continue improving the beautiful city home that she had worked so hard for, as well as having time for the family.

The solution: Enter: Consider it Done. Our client was able to ‘offload’ much of the noise in her head around managing the home by engaging CiD and briefing us on the way she wanted things run. She knew that she could rely on us for fast results and exacting standards.

What CiD did: We had a multi-faceted role as an extension of her private team. Home upkeep was organised and overseen by Consider it Done, from utility and household billing, to routine boiler servicing, chimney sweeping and alarm maintenance.

Occasional emergencies that arose: a leaking roof and a technology glitch, were handled swiftly and without drama.

We arranged pet care while the family were on holiday, and had the heating on, and a home cooked meal ready for their return.  

We always liaised closely with our client’s company PA to ensure that appointments we made fitted neatly around other commitments.

Outcome: The team at Consider it Done have become an essential part of the family’s equanimity by staying in the background and ensuring that everything that comes along is directed with minimal fuss, but to the highest standards.

Our client can easily contact us and keep control through our Delegate app, which allows her to track the status of all tasks. This means that our client is able to  focus on her new role and excel at work, and be ‘present’ when at home spending time with the family.

The secret: Anticipation. The team at Consider it Done was quickly able to fall into stride with the client and understand what is important and how she likes things to be done. This allows them to be astute at foreseeing what the client might need next – often before she even realises herself.

Consider it Done can help with a huge range of different aspects of managing a home and property to allow clients the mental space to focus on and succeed at work.

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