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Nothing is too trivial, or difficult or too different. All of it done with the minimum of fuss which is what busy people need.

Fiona Pitcher

BBC Executive Producer

Transform your world.

Our clients rationalise what they do, and hand over the rest. We can manage everything, from builders to broadband. Home moves, to holidays. TVs to utilities.

You do less, and accomplish more.

By combining our skills with our contacts and experience, we can offer solutions to pretty much anything that life brings along. That means the possibilities for making life run more smoothly are limitless.

What makes us different: experience; intelligence; big heartedness.

Who will I be working with?
Meet the team

See one of our Home Office PAs in action.

Private PA Services

  • Home Office PA

    If you work from home, or simply have a busy household to manage, our Home Office PA service is an essential for keeping control.

    You can book your PA regularly or just when things need attention.

    See one of our Home Office PAs in action.

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    Your Home Office PA will:

    – Open and action post

    – Deal with email correspondence

    – Set up a new filing system; scan and shred old paperwork

    – Prepare paperwork for the accountant

    – Set up expense sheets and household budgets

    – Catalogue art collections

    – Organise contact lists, invitations and family schedules

    And a million other things besides; with all projects tailored to you.

    Home Office PA. Less of the legwork.

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  • Your own Private PA

    Having your own PA from Consider it Done could make all the difference. Think of us as a helpful friend and project manager rolled into one.

    Our service is designed to take away the background noise from pressurised lives. We work invisibly in the background, while you get ahead.

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    You can choose to offload a million small problems as they arise, or clear a backlog as a one-off.

    Either way you take back control, do less of the legwork, and achieve more.

    Feel the difference when;

    “There was no hot water when I left for work – have meetings all day – !”

    “I’ve just realised the road tax expires this week.”

    “Have guests are arriving this weekend and the windows are in dire need of cleaning.”

    “There’s a new bed arriving, but I can’t be at home when it’s being delivered.”

    “Help I left my credit card behind the bar last night!”

    Life works better when you Delegate.

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  • House Move PA

    So you’ve found the perfect property. And now the hard work really begins – to make the house move happen.

    With a single point of contact at Consider it Done throughout, you can take advantage of our extensive experience in this area.

    Read more.

    Consider it Done can project manage your entire move if you wish, or just the elements you would find most valuable.

    We offer:

    – Room Planning using CAD drawings to show how your furniture will fit

    – A De-clutter and Shred service to streamline the volume of goods being moved

    – A House Move PA – to deal with multiple account changes and transfers associated with a change of address

    White-Glove Unpacking – directing the removals crew, and organising your possessions to a new level of order

    Property Familiarisation – short-circuiting the hefty learning curve behind all the functions at the new house.

    With a single point of contact at Consider it Done throughout, you can make it the smoothest move you’ve ever had.

    *All of the above services are included in our standard Packages and prices.

    We’d recommend booking a Home Technology Survey with us as soon as you have exchanged on your purchase or signed your lease, to understand the tech that is there, and plan for the tech you will need.

    Home Moves made easy.

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All PA services shown above are priced using hourly rates. Please see Packages and prices.

Bespoke Services

  • (Geek-Speak-Free) Home technology

    Cedia Member Love it or loathe it, all of our homes are touched by technology.

    Consider it Done can provide best-in-class solutions for home broadband and Wi-Fi, TV and audio, and all that is connected to it.

    We will consult, advise, and agree a solution you’re happy with, then source and install it.

    Read more.

    Then make sure you know how to use it, and stay on hand until you and your technology become better acquainted.

    – We can work alongside home refurbishments to ensure cabling is hidden, and sound systems are discrete or integrated.

    – We can work with your company IT department to ensure secure integration between home and office technology.

    – Or we can carry out a Home Technology Survey ahead of your house move, future proofing your new property investment.

    We believe that the best solutions aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones.

    But with access to the right knowledge and experience, and someone to explain things in an easy to understand way, everyone can have outstanding home technology.

    If you’d like to talk to our Home Technology team about your tech project, please be invited to request an i-Contact appointment.

    Dependable solutions to all the tricky bits.

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  • Renovate

    Upgrade a small cloakroom, or re-model an entire townhouse.

    Thanks to many years working with first class contractors and tradespeople, combined with our unrivaled attention to detail,

    Consider it Done can offer across-the-board project management of high-end property refurbishment projects.

    Read more.

    The work to be done may be involved and complex, but we know that you will be uncompromising on the quality of finish.

    We will share your single-mindedness on this.

    That’s why we manage this discipline at Director level within Consider it Done to ensure that you are working with the most experienced person on the team.

    If you’d like to explore this further, please be invited to request an i-Contact appointment with Sue Reeve, Project Director and co-owner of Consider it Done.

    Renovate. All of the joy, but none of the headaches.

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  • Relocation to London

    At last, a truly world-class London destination service provider. Every detail is taken care of – efficiently, intelligently, thoughtfully.

    Please visit our dedicated website for more about our Relocation services.

    Goodbye to cookie-cutter relocation. Customisation is King.

  • The Wi-fi Doctor

    Cedia Member With more devices dependent on Wi-Fi for the internet, fast and reliable Wi-Fi has become a household essential.

    But when the family are at home together, devices are competing for bandwidth.

    Read more.

    If you suffer from the following symptoms;

    – Dropped connections or pages slow to load

    – Difficulty connecting everywhere in the house

    – Frustrations with Wi-Fi dead spots and no go areas

    .. then it’s time for a Wi-Fi Healthcheck from Consider it Done’s Wi-Fi Doctor.

    Our Wi-Fi specialist will visit your home and provide a full Wi-Fi health check and follow up report, complete with recommended solutions to resolve any issues.

    The report is in plain geek-speak-free English. (Or with more technical details for those who are a tech-curious.)

    If you like the Wi-Fi Doctor’s recommendations, we will return to fit the solutions, either extracting the best performance possible from your existing Wi-Fi set up, or establish more sophisticated systems that can provide reliable high speed Wi-Fi throughout the house.

    To make an appointment with the Wi-Fi Doctor, simply Contact Us or choose to Become an Ultimate client when you Become our Client, to receive your first Healthcheck with our compliments.

    The Wi-Fi Doctor. For Wi-Fi that works.

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  • London Property PA

    If you’re out of town a lot, we can bring peace of mind when it comes to managing your London property.

    We combine Keyholding, Home Watch, Maintenance, and a Clean & Service package into one simple arrangement.

    Read more.

    When you’re returning home, we check the Home Tech, have the heating on, the beds freshly made, bathrooms sparkling, groceries in the fridge and even a home cooked meal ready should you wish.

    For an unoccupied property we can even set up a remotely accessed camera, so that any time of day or night you can log in and be reassured that all is well.

    Should there be a leak, broken down boiler, technology glitch or break in we are standing by to respond and resolve.

    As standard we will oversee utility and household billing, routine property upkeep, cover annual renewals such as boiler servicing, chimney sweeping, alarm maintenance, and be the liaison contact for the Buildings Management.

    All of our Property Management solutions are tailor-made, so you’re not paying for services you don’t need, but you’ll know that the important things are covered.

    If you’d like to explore this further, please Contact Us.

    We manage your home like it’s our own.

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In every instance their work has been timely, professional, cost effective, and of the highest quality. We can't recommend them highly enough.

Don Robert

These services are bespoke and unique to each client. They are priced to your specification and agreed before starting work.

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All about: Delegate
Watch our demo video to find out more.
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Delegate. You do less. And achieve more.

Delegate is the name of our ground-breaking app and online portal.

It is for the exclusive use of our valued clients and comes fully protected by our Privacy Assurance Policy.

With Delegate you can:

  • Send a task on the move – even when you are offline (e.g. in the air or underground)
  • See the progress of the projects in real time
  • Give approvals and make decisions fast
  • Easily update your calendar with appointments we have made for you
  • Check your time balance, or review invoices and receipts.
Passionate. Personal. Precise.
Meet the team
The ethos of really caring about their clients runs throughout the team, no matter how big or small a challenge you may have for them. Just brilliant.
Corrina Jorgensen
Managing Director, Afiniti Ltd
“If the devil is in the detail, then we’re demons at what we do.”
Meet our team of detail demons. They’re bright, friendly, calm and helpful, and they know what they’re doing.

Best of all they know you expect fast results with a minimum of fuss, and the least possible input from you. And that you don’t always have time for pleasantries. They know you don’t want to read long emails, and that you just need the relevant information to make decisions quickly.

As with all teams we have specialist skills to draw on between us, and that’s where we work intelligently amongst ourselves to bring you outstanding outcomes, time after time.

Think you might be right for our team? Look at our current opportunities.
Sue Reeve

The brains behind Consider it Done, Sue’s career began at British Airways where her intuitive understanding of customer service grew. Later commercial roles at international firms not only brought the skills needed to launch Consider it Done, but also meant she experienced the life of a time-starved executive. Now in its 13th year of trading, CiD was created with this cognisance at its heart.

Ella Canby

The multi-talented and versatile Ella brings CiD many years’ experience as PA, Office Manager, Events Manager, and Recruitment Consultant. Which means she can turn her hand to pretty much anything we can throw at her! When she is not working for us, Ella is developing her new venture, Sugarella Cooks, placing cooks and chefs for dinner parties, family celebrations or shooting weekends.

Mike Hughes

Affectionately known as our Home-Tech Genius, Mike brings unparalleled expertise in wireless home networks, audio systems, TVs, and anything that might be connected. Plus many years of experience. His real skill is explaining tech in a non-geek way. Joint business partner in Consider it Done, Mike is pivotal in decision making for the company, and has built CiD’s entire IT and web infrastructure from scratch.

Cory Cook

Cory has many strings to her bow and is often our 'lady in the field' when it comes to overseeing removals, and arriving household shipments. Her creative and attentive eye means that everything is beautifully placed and positioned when she has finished unpacking. In her other life, Cory is a specialist in Space Organisation and Time Management, and often speaks at events on the subject.

Camilla Wadham

Camilla knows a thing or two about juggling lots of things at the same time, because apart from looking after a number of CiD's clients, she also runs her own venture taking care of elderly people living alone. She is the lady that keeps on giving because she has worked on several charity programmes including a Tsunami relief project in Sri Lanka in 2005.

Clare Cripps

Clare has been a ‘proper’ PA for many years, and knows how to spin lots of plates at the same time. When her life recently moved with her husband’s job, thanks to CiD’s IT systems, she was able to work remotely - and seamlessly. A super-fit bunny, she once raised over £8.5K by cycling 480km in North India. Now a Mum, little Henry is the love of her life and running after him is what keeps her fit.

Caroline Fox

One of our longest standing team members, Caroline’s background is in event management, food photography and catering. Also qualified in interior design, she brilliantly refurbished a client’s holiday cottage in Norfolk only ever having seen it once! Recently married, she knows a thing or two about staging a wedding. And much to everyone’s delight on the team, she makes a GREAT cupcake.

Adrian Durran

We think of Adrian as our ‘lucky find’ because apart from knowing his stuff when it comes to tech, he is an all-round nice guy. Adrian is one of our Home Technology specialists and loves a new gadget. He supports our clients through the complex and tricky areas of internet, cabling, wifi, phones and TVs. (Plus much more). Best of all he is super patient when explaining things to us mere non-tech mortals.

Terry Garrett

Terry has worked with us for many years as one of our top ‘Home Office PAs’. She has saved clients countless hours through her magical filing and system-ising. In no time she can run up a spread sheet for a household budget, deal with unopened post, and archive or shred to create more space in bulging lever arches. Terry also has a passion for gardening and keeps the lawns of our clients as tidy as their in-trays!

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Packages and prices: PA Services

Life isn’t the same one month to the next, so you don’t have to predict how much you’ll need us.

We will keep you posted with a week-by-week report, plus Delegate will show you in real time how service time is accruing. We’re 100% transparent.

If you’re close to 10 hours – one more task could trigger the reduced rate band which will then apply to all the hours in the same month. The same at 25 hours where the top band offers you our best possible rate.

There’s no need for you to do anything, banding discounts are automatically triggered and applied.

As always there’s a 14 day cooling off period and a 30 day rolling contract.



Delegate life's projects and tasks
to a high calibre PA
/hour + vat
Delegate 10 hours or more
in the same calendar month - all hours discounted to...
/hour + vat
Become our client
It’s the best decision you’ll make in a long time.
Delegate 25 hours or more of work
in the same calendar month - all hours discounted to...
/hour + vat
Private PA services
Life isn’t the same one month to the next, so you don’t need to
predict how much you’ll need us.

Consider it Done will automatically
apply discounts when you Delegate more.
Delegate life's projects and tasks
to a high calibre PA
/hour + vat
Delegate 10 hours or more
in the same calendar month - all hours discounted to...
/hour + vat
Delegate 25 hours or more of work
in the same calendar month - all hours discounted to...
/hour + vat
Add on: Become one of our
Ultimate Members
Subscription payment of £195 / month + vat
Ultimate members
Choose this add-on subscription (now or later) to qualify for;
  • Best rate guaranteed – all Delegated hours reduced to the lowest £40 / hour + vat rate, regardless of time band reached
  • Your own dedicated Private PA as your point of contact
  • 365/24/7 Home Keyholding with our accredited partner – worth £365 + vat per year, for as long as you are an Ultimate Member with CiD
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Doctor Healthcheck and report at your home in the first year – worth £225 + vat
  • Free reminder service – never forget a birthday or anniversary again
  • An i-Contact meeting with your PA whenever you need one, time online with our compliments
  • Upgrade now or later – just when you’re ready – 14 day cooling off – 30 day rolling contract
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Consider it Done - three words that really can transform your life.
Richard Knight
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Bespoke Services

Our Bespoke Services are specified by you and delivered to your own customised requirements. As you would expect, pricing is tailored accordingly to make sure you will only be buying what is actually needed.

There's a consultation with you, and we sometimes carry out a survey. Then a proposal is detailed for your approval before we start work.

If you have a bespoke project you’d like to explore, we’d be delighted to discuss it with you.

Please be invited to make an i-Contact appointment, or request a call back.

Make i-Contact
Talk to your PA, in person.
Meet with a friendly face
Arrange a video meeting with Consider it Done using our latest software, i-Contact.
We are available Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm London time.

i-Contact is Consider it Done’s award winning online HD video link, allowing us to meet with our clients anywhere in the world, face to face, in real time. We can also dynamically demo and screen share during our consultations.

Whether you are already our client or thinking about becoming one, i-Contact is ideal for discussing a new project, finding out about our service, or catching up with your PA.

To make i-Contact with us, the only technology you need is a reliable internet connection, and a phone.

  • No software to download
  • No account to register
  • No spam afterwards
  • 100% private
  • You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can see us, but we can’t see you – unless you choose to make the video two way from your device.

i-Contact meetings are by arrangement. Request an appointment and we will confirm by email with instructions within 24 hours.

i-Contact. Intelligent. Intuitive.

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