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when a career goal was within reach.

Backstory: Our client has an incredibly demanding job in the City and a beautiful London home. She already had support of a cleaner, gardener and a nanny who takes care of her two school age children.

The job she’d always dreamed of was within touching distance, and in order to reach it, she knew there would be even more demands on her time and energy.

Problem:  Our client felt passionately that family life should not be compromised after her promotion, and that she needed to find a way to manage more things. Her small team of household staff needed managing too and she could see that this, together with a relentless list of things that needed attention at the house, would be an area where future problems could build up once her new workload and responsibilities kicked in.

Solution: The client enlisted our services to oversee her staff and her home. This allowed our client to have the mental space to focus on achieving her career goal, assured with the knowledge that home life was a well-oiled machine, in experienced hands.

What CiD did: Our nominated PA became an integral household team member, quickly creating a positive rapport and calmly directing and dealing with whatever eventuality arose.

Whether it was a bathroom flood, a nanny’s visa extension, the car’s MOT, fixing the electric gates, booking a chef for an important dinner, resolving a Wi-Fi issue, or having a new bunk bed assembled – every detail was taken care of with intelligence and finesse.

We also kept a careful handle on costs and set up a Household Budget for full visibility by everyone.

Outcome: Success. Our client was made Partner of her firm. We gave our client the space to focus on achieving her professional goal, and the time that she did spend at home could be devoted to the family.

The CiD PA became part of our clients’ immediate support network allowing her to achieve more in her career sooner, without compromising other areas of her life. She recognised the invaluable role CiD had played in achieving this goal, and we continue to support her.

The secret: Experience and sensitive communication. Becoming part of an existing household team on the ground requires careful steps initially to keep a happy status quo.

By showing great results quickly and communicating well with everyone in the house, we were able to gain their trust and confidence. That meant the feedback to our client was genuinely positive and we could demonstrate our value from Day 1.

Consider it Done can help you achieve your professional ambitions without losing control of your home life, giving you the space to focus on the people who are most important to you.

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