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Focus on family.

Backstory: The elderly parents of a long-standing client needed to move into assisted accommodation. This meant packing up their home of 20+ years and arranging a move, (de-cluttering years of family treasures along the way) as well as supporting them through a difficult and emotional settling in - stressful for both the elderly parents and our client.

The problem: This was an important move and involved finding the right accommodation and care, looking after lengthy paperwork, and complicated move logistics. It coincided with an incredibly demanding period at work for our client. She wanted to use the little time she had available to provide support for her parents in person where she could, and not spend it tied up with the co-ordination.

The solution: Our client was able to rationalise her involvement and delegate the time consuming legwork to our team of PAs. She provided well thought-through brief to us, allowing us to shortlist only the accommodation options that had the best potential to be the future home for her parents. The focus throughout was ensuring that they were completely at home and comfortable, whilst getting the right kind of support.

What CiD did: Thanks to our client’s excellent brief we were also created a detailed action plan for each of the elements of this project. Included on the task list was closing down utility accounts, arranging removers, and sensitively overseeing the process of streamlining possessions. Our client was able to stay up to the minute on progress and make key decisions via our app called Delegate.

Outcome: The lead up and the move itself were, as far as the elderly parents were concerned, handled discreetly, involving them only at the key moments and decision points. That meant that they felt in control, though untroubled by the elements of the move that they might have found difficult. Our careful planning meant that we were able to ensure the parents’ favourite furniture was arranged in the new flat in advance to create a home from home feel, with boxes unpacked and out of the way before our client’s parents arrived for the first time. A large vase of flowers which were the same variety as their wedding flowers of 40 years previously helped to keep them cheerful and relaxed on the first day. 

The secret: Personal touch. Our PA took away the worry and detail from our client which allowed her to be in constant contact with her parents at this key time, as well as being able to remain focused at work. The understanding we built up meant that we were able to deliver some special touches which meant so much.  

Giving yourself to those who need you sometimes necessitates being kind to yourself too, and that could include accepting the support that is available. Make contact with us today to discuss an upcoming project that might need sensitive handling.

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