fast-tracked relocation.

Backstory: Following an unexpected promotion, our clients were rapidly planning a relocation from the US to London with their two young children. They had visited London as tourists many years before, but were not familiar with how things work as residents.

Problem:  Our client and her husband felt out of their depth and needed a single point of contact in London who could guide them through the process of establishing a new life for their family, making progress on key milestones before they arrived. It was unlikely that they would even have time for a reconnaissance trip. With timescales so tight they needed to be able to hit the ground running as soon as they were here.

Solution: Sue arranged a video conference at the earliest opportunity so that our clients could ‘meet’ and detail their requirements with her and business partner, Mike. By initiating a close rapport and trust from the outset, it was possible to gain their confidence and fastrack the many decisions to be made.

What CiD did: Our role was extensive and complex. Sue set about mobilising the CiD team and bringing in partners and specialist firms to co-ordinate home search, immigration, banking, removals and shipping, child care, car finding and the all important home technology.

The immediate imperative was to secure good quality temporary accommodation in the right location, while longer term solutions were being developed in parallel.

CiD arranged furniture rental and received personal goods that were sent ahead, unpacking and arranging them in the house ready for the day of arrival. Beds were made up, groceries were in the fridge. Temporary phone, internet, and home office facilities were set up, even a music system - and a family car delivered.

Outcome: Our client was able to finish up in the US, oversee the pack up of their home before leaving, and walk into quality temporary accommodation in London, knowing that they had everything they needed to function comfortably on a short term basis, while they awaited the arrival of their shipment and could finalise arrangements on a permanent home. It bought them time which meant that they wouldn't be compromised into making important decisions about their future living arrangements.

By handing over the burden of detail to us, our client was able to focus 100% on her new position in the UK from Day 1. Her husband had child care available allowing him the time to become hands on in the final arrangements and take up the reins from CiD. The relief of anxiety for them was significant.

The secret: Meticulous organisation. The team at Consider it Done are experienced at co-ordinating complex relocation projects involving multiple industry partners. With an eye on the detail from the start, and tried and trusted contacts available, every element of the move was professionally and managed with care.

“Our sincere thanks for all your help and hard work - we could NOT have done this without you. And we are not deleting your emails and phone numbers!” Faith and Bob Dilworth.

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