Why it's ok to be a control freak


An industry first: making it ok to be a control freak.

The world sees control freaks in a negative way. To be badged a control freak is without question a withering indictment. Onlookers are blinded by a pervasive behaviour associated with the need to be in charge: the need to have a say (usually the final); to exert their will; to be all knowing and all seeing; to take the lead even when unqualified to do so; to micro-manage.

"As a self-confessed control freak I understand the inner-conflict here. The drive for control is often inspired by a fear of forgetting, of things going wrong, the precariousness of unanswered questions. It's a hard place to be, and be liked."

So says Sue Reeve, Founder of Consider it Done, a private PA service that has been trading and flourishing for more than 15 years.

And yet, control freakishness isn't always about power and alpha-personalities. It comes with meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising determination to achieve the highest standards. It seeks out clarity, order, and ultimately calm.

How can Consider it Done make a difference to 'controllers'?

CiD finds many control-gene clients have made peace with this part of their personality, and tamed it.

"You would assume control freaks would be the last people willing to delegate personal projects involving details about themselves. Far from it.

The clients we work with operate at the highest levels within business and part of their success is because they have recognised the positives that come from the control characteristic, but also know that the benefits of more time, less background noise, and the ability to achieve more by enlisting the support of others outweighs any internal psychological gain by owning and managing every detail going on in their lives." says Sue.

And Consider it Done has made the transition to delegating life projects easier for them;

  • by creating a client portal and app giving 24/7 access to the latest information about projects being worked on

  • CiD provide details and is accountable for everything they do. This gives visibility and confidence in the work being done – the system is called 'Delegate' – an industry first

  • by only having the best PAs on their team, so that assurance is self-evident in the quality results delivered

  • through a calm, intelligent and big-hearted approach. "We never judge or lose our cool. And even when things are stressful for our clients, we can show a way out of difficult situations." says Sue.

Actually we love control freak clients.

"They are the ones who respond quickly and attentively and consider all the details being asked of them before making decisions."

See our Delegate demo video HERE. (60 seconds)

See one of our PAs in action HERE. (39 seconds)

Sue Reeve