Who’s on your home team?

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You set yourself tough standards and big goals. You worked hard. You’re determined to reach the top of your potential, but not at the expense of important relationships and commitments, and being present at important moments. Does something really have to give for you to succeed?

At the moment ‘what gives’ could mean insufficient sleep; missing a school sports day; a riot of things in the house that need attention.

But surely having it all, doesn’t mean doing it all.

The key is finding a winning strategy (or strategies) to meet as many of  the conflicting demands on your time and attention as possible. 

It might go without saying that you have built a talented and loyal team of people at work with an impressive range of skills. Could the same be possible at home - without being too intrusive?

 A support network is partly made up of partners,  close family and friends - people you trust to be on your home team. 

If you were to extend that home team to cover the practical needs of the house, who else could join the team?

The answer will be unique to you and your family because one size does not fit all.

To explore this further:

  • prioritise what is important to everyone living with you

  • reflect on the impact of what isn’t being done and what the positive difference would be of making it happen

  • ask - if there was a ‘time enabler’ - would this overcome the biggest problems?

The solution might be straightforward: increased hours with the cleaner; a second nanny; a gardener, handyman or home chef. (Although each of those people will also need managing, and therefore take up some of your time.) There could be another way.

Consider it Done has a team of Private PAs  who offer solutions to pretty much anything that life, family or the house brings along. 

As an extension of your Home Team, they can be at hand as little or as much as you need. And by operating remotely, and being self-managing, they can remain discrete and largely invisible.

A Private PA can take on  the administrative side of managing other household staff,  co-ordinate and oversee work by tradespeople,, and pick up every aspect of house maintenance issues and repairs or improvements. 

They can deal with household bills and expenses, utility providers, consumables, pet sitting, alarms, keyholding, boilers and Wi-Fi emergencies. 

With more than 15 years of experience and know how, contacts, and meticulous attention to detail,  you could tap into an intelligent and invaluable resource with life-changing results. 

“ With both of us travelling and working extensive hours it was almost impossible to keep up with the admin in our lives or organise our holidays. Outsourcing to CiD has allowed us to focus more on our work - hitting my sales budget is now so much easier, and we’ve had nothing but good experiences with Consider it Done. ”

Sarah Dees, Banking Director

Find out more about how Consider it Done could become your Strategy for Success.

Check out our Home Office PA video here.