How to:... know when your home Wi-Fi needs attention


You know your home Wi-Fi isn’t performing at its best when:

  1. You can make a cup of tea while waiting for Facebook to load

  2. The Apple TV keeps saying “please try later”

  3. No one wants to Facetime or Skype with you

  4. It takes longer to download a movie than it would to actually watch the whole film

  5. You never offer to give visitors the home Wi-Fi password because it is so embarrassingly slow

  6. People call you to chase for an answer to their email before it has arrived in your inbox

  7. Your neighbour says your Wi-Fi network is overpowering theirs and yet you can’t stay connected

  8. You have a 3D mind map of the Wi-Fi blackspots in your home

  9. The broadband speed checker is the most frequently used app on your phone

  10. You’re dreading phoning your ISP, again!

If you live in London and you think your home Wi-Fi isn’t performing as it should, our specialist Wi-Fi Doctor is on call to help.

His thorough Home survey and Wi-Fi health check will identify the cause of your Wi-Fi gremlins and he will prescribe a solution to bring it back to full strength.

Mind you we don't want to make too light of it. Wi-Fi is a serious business when business is involved.

If your organisation has newly arrived London assignees or home workers who are feeling the pain of their unreliable Wi-Fi, we are in a great position to help them too.

Just Contact Us to find out more.