CiD loves:... organising things while you're away


It's a lovely feeling arriving home after a wonderful holiday. Even though it's over, there is something so comforting about reconnecting with the homestead.

And even more wonderful when some magic has happened when you have been away.

Here's a small detail awaiting one of our clients which will delight them on their return from vacation: a pristine clean rug, previously unloved and in need of attention. Now itself returned from a professional steam clean and stain treatment. Smelling as fresh and lovely as the day it was new.

Rug Before

Rug before

Rug After

Rug After

If you'd love to have someone else take care of things with the same level of TLC as if it were their own, maybe it's time to explore the possibility with us. We'd love to hear from you.

For CiD clients: send your rugs away for their own steam-cleaning holiday before the end of August, and your PA will be happy to include her organising time at no extra cost.