8 ways you know you’ve been travelling for work too much:


You know you've been travelling for work too much when:

  1. You can unpack and re-pack a bag in under 9 minutes.

  2. The only wash cycle you use on your washing machine is the 20 minute Refresh.

  3. You spend so little time at home that there are rooms you haven’t been into for a year.

  4. You’ve returned home to find a small eco-system in your fridge.

  5. You haven’t sent a birthday card since 2006.

  6. You’re a master at sleeping during daylight, in any time zone.

  7. Your car has been parked in the same spot for 2 years.

  8. You’ve never met your cleaner.

If this sounds like you, we're pretty sure you'd benefit from the help of a CiD PA.

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You're welcome to call us to explore the idea - even if it's from the airport.

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