Power your productivity: Speed reading

Speed Reading shutterstock_231625696.jpg

If you find yourself with documents to scan but not much time, speed reading techniques could help. Average readers are 5 times slower than 'speed readers' and with the amount of content we read on a day to day basis, that could add up to a huge time saving.

  • by reading more quickly, the brain is challenged, has to focus more, and is less distracted

  • anyone can do it – no special skills are needed

  • print is laid out in lines – by training your eye to cross the lines rhythmically, you can move through a page very quickly

  • you don’t need to pick up every word to understand what is being said, the brain fills the gaps

  • using a finger or small pointer object under the lines as you read helps to lead the eye more quickly

  • with practice, keeping the line rhythms constant and equal, you will be able to increase the speed of your finger and train your eye to move across each line more quickly

 There is masses of reference content on speed reading. As a start try the free speed reading test on My Read Speed. If you compare your speed with and without adopting a rhythmic eye movement, it could be interesting to note the difference.