Project of the month: creating an elegant hallway


Backstory: with a punishing work life, our client loves her London townhouse and has great vision and aspirations for it. But has no capacity to take on a new project. 

Problem: she felt her hallway and stairwell were dark and dated. She knew the space deserved more and could add so much to the welcome that the house offered. 

Solution: a bespoke-made glass balustrade with smooth, tactile handrail for the stairwell, continuing through to the landing above. 

What CiD did: consulting with the client throughout the process, we managed every detail from engagement of contractors, visit to showroom, choice of products, overseeing the installation and signing off each aspect. At the same time we arranged re-carpeting and re-decoration. We even took care of all the paperwork afterwards. 

Outcome: an elegant and contemporary entrance hall that the client is thrilled with. The clear glass opens up the space, allows light to bounce, and has beguiling floating angles leading the eye upstairs. 

The secret to this project: creating a closely working team with the client, to make sure she was involved at all of the key moments in the project and able to direct decisions, without overwhelming her with information, and remaining sensitive to her schedule which meant she was away on business much of the time. 

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