Case study: Renovation and Home Tech combine

Backstory: Consider it Done Project Managed the complete re-modelling of this large 3 bed, 3 bath Kensington apartment over a period of 12 months. The brief included high specification audio-visual and seamless wireless internet throughout the space with discretely hidden cabling and equipment. As the client would be working from home as well as entertaining guests that he needed to impress, the end solution had to be flawless. 

Problem: as the apartment was part of an 18th century mansion block it meant there were practical challenges to overcome at every turn, as well as permissions to obtain and noise restrictions to overcome. Solution: a balancing act between managing the key relationships within the building's own network, while staying focused and uncompromising on the client's vision. 

What CiD did: the team's combined expertise in Wi-Fi and Home Technology, as well as Project Management meant the specialised work needed could be dovetailed into the overall programme of work. 

Outcome: The apartment now boasts state of the art Wi-Fi coverage throughout without a single router or connection visible. TV and sound systems are seamless, accessing infinite music, games and film content. Fireplaces and air-conditioning are operated via remote controls, and the lighting and electric blinds and curtains can be controlled via iphone and ipad apps or wall finger plates. 

The secret: timing was everything. By executing the different stages of the Home Tech solution at the key moments in the renovation, it was possible to be sensitive to the high level of finish required, as well as to brief detailed joinery and other specifications for perfect-fit, seamless integration of audio-visual devices.