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Holiday Wi Fi Tips – from our very own in-house Wi-Fi Doctor

7th Dec 18, 12:16 pm

Many people are at a loss when their new iPad or laptop isn’t as fast as they expected when connected to their home Wi Fi.

One common cause of this is older devices still connected at the same time as the newer, faster devices.

Wi Fi is designed to allow all devices to work simultaneously regardless of age. But, in order to achieve this, it slows the network to the speed of the slowest device.

If you have any devices still on your Wi Fi network (using the Wireless a, b, g or older n standard if the tech-speak is helpful), this will slow down newer devices (using the latest wireless n or ac).

A good example is older wireless printers which are often using one of the dated Wi Fi standards.

You can resolve the issue by replacing the device with a newer version, or, by only using it as a hardwired device via an Ethernet cable and remembering to turn off its Wi Fi connection.

We sometimes find cases where a neighbour has a very old router – the old router sends out its older generation Wi Fi signal which is ‘heard’ by your new super-fast router. If your router is in range, it is obliged by the Wi Fi standards to slow down its speed!

The solution is to either move your router so it’s not within range of the older router, or pop around to the neighbour with some mince pies and ask them to upgrade their’s!

There are many other causes of  slow Wi Fi, so if you’d like an expert consultation with our Wi-Fi Doctor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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