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10 ways a PA can make you look good this Christmas

22nd Nov 18, 2:54 pm

If you think you might be pushed for time this Christmas, here are 10 ways a PA can make you look good:

1. Can gift wrap with style (and loves doing it)

2. Can deliver a tux to the office for a last minute invite

3. Knows the best places to take clients for Christmas cocktails in London

4. Can put together a sophisticated drinks soiree at short notice to impress colleagues / clients / boss / in-laws

5. Can wait-in to receive that sofa you bought ‘in-time-for-Christmas’, and make sure it’s undamaged / assembled in the right spot / packaging is removed

6. Knows how to find ‘best view’ seats at theatre, ballet and panto, with taxis and pre-theatre dinner taken care of

7. Knows what your 8 year old niece will be into this year

8. Knows how to get you out of a Christmas-guest-made-a-mess-of-the-home-tech disaster

9. Can arrange a fabulous Christmas gift for your office PA (while you get all the brownie points)

10. Won’t tell a soul

(And by the way there are only THIS many days to go.)

Contact us to find out how a CiD PA could save the day for you this year.

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