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List-a-holics look away now

23rd Nov 17, 11:23 am

Are you a dedicated list writer? A list-a-holic? Could you throw yours away? Even for a day? Is that idea liberating or terrifying? Why does list writing tend to be a gender thing? And is it a generation thing?

Jenny Éclair asks all these questions on an entertaining, thoughtful and insightful BBC Radio 4 podcast HERE.

If you don’t have 28 minutes available to listen to the whole thing right now, here is a soupcon:

  • Lists are one of the few places left where we still use hand-writing
  • They can reveal honest portrayals of our lives and our lifestyles, which often makes them something to keep private
  • Perhaps the process of writing a to do list is a statement of what we intend to achieve with the day, making it linked to a sense of life satisfaction
  • Does living without a list mean living in fear of forgetting?
  • Or is it just a means to impose tasks on yourself that you would otherwise avoid?
  • Jenny herself carries a set list with her when she performs, and this acts as a comfort blanket to her on stage
  • Why don’t so many men make lists? Don’t they see the value in writing them?
  • Jenny says that lists help to de-clutter her mind and quieten the constant nagging in her head

Our feeling here at CiD, purveyors of a fine to do list, is that the beauty of lists is that they are highly personal and adaptable.

Priorities and ideas can be grouped in a very unique way – un-tethered by an app or pre-defined structure.

They don’t have to conform to anyone else’s way of thinking and might not even be understandable to someone else.

They can capture a moment’s thought, which could be too fleeting to be recorded by technology.

Or they could initiate an action that sets a course and direction which shapes a life.

Phew – we went deep there. Now try wrenching that list from a list-a-holic’s hands!

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