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How to:... boost brainpower

27th Jul 17, 2:15 pm

To perform well at what we do over a long period of time makes demands on our brains.

We’ve scanned the web for the best tips on looking after the old grey matter – and this is what we found:

Eat brain foods – such as blueberries (rich in antioxidants), broccoli (used in medications to treat Alzheimer’s), nuts, oranges, apples and radishes

Increase iron for boosting IQ – good sources are red meat, green veg, sardines, eggs and fortified breakfast cereals

Never skip breakfast – try these healthy breakfast recipes

Look for laughter, avoid unnecessary stress and make time for sleep, solitude and relaxation

Stay hydrated (lots of sips of water through the day – rather than a whole glass in one go) and moderate alcohol

Exercise often – to increase oxygen to the brain. Your CiD PA can help organise a personal trainer for you, or look into gym memberships

Use travel / down time for crosswords, Sudoku or reading an intense novel

Find TV and films from different genres, with subtitles or complicated plots

Stimulate the cultural you – go to the theatre, tour a museum or historical building, try a new genre of music

Stretch your comfort zone – learn a new sport or language, try taking different routes to work

Clear your space. Your CiD PA to help with home office organisation and mundane paperwork

As it turns out, looking after your neurons is perhaps not as scientific as you might think.

Another in our ‘How to:..’ series.

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