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Spring forward, fall back. How will you super-charge your extra hour this weekend?

25th Oct 16, 7:04 pm

In case you hadn’t already clocked it, the UK will be putting the time back by an hour this Sunday 30th October taking us back to Greenwich Meantime and marking the end of British Summer Time.

We have been changing our clocks for 100 years – The Summer Time Act was passed by Parliament on 21st May 1916, and back then the hands on many of the clocks could not be turned back without breaking the mechanism.

There have been many variations in way that the changing of the clocks has been applied in different parts of the world ever since. It is only since 1972 that the current system of changing the clocks at the end of March and October has been in place in the UK.

So how will you spend your extra hour on Sunday?

It would be so easy to fritter it away, sleep through it (though there is nothing wrong with that), or even forget about it.

Here are 8 ways to super-charge your extra hour:

1. Think of someone you haven’t spoken to in forever – call them.

Smiling woman on cell phone

2. Unplug. Yes go off grid for an hour. Imagine.

3. Find silence. Considered to be one of the most therapeutic things people with hectic lives can do – find it in a museum; a library reading room; one of THESE tranquil places in central London; or try Silence on Sundays for a really zen experience.

4. Remember that treat you promised yourself / new restaurant-bar-café you wanted to try out / film you wanted to see – here’s your chance.

5. Venture out of your comfort zone, just for an hour. The new training workout / gym class / sport. Drive a different route to your usual one. Change the order of your morning routine.

6. Do a good turn. Spend the hour with an elderly neighbour.

7. Start that thing you can’t get around to. Write the first page of your book. Start reading that book. Firm up holiday dates. Book a personal trainer. Try out the new language course. Gather pensions paperwork. Write down those business ideas.

8. Delegate a list of actions for your CiD PA – and *create another 8 hours of available time* – the best ROI you could make with your one extra hour.


Senior man using digital tablet and laptop computer
Another in our ‘How to make a difference’ series. Courtesy of Consider it Done.

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