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How to:... use your microwave in ways you'd never thought of

19th May 16, 2:53 pm

Here are 6 surprising things you might not have known your microwave could do!


  • If the oven is already full on Christmas Day, warm the plates by sprinkling or spraying each one with water – pile inside the microwave. High heat 30 seconds


  • Sterilise damp kitchen cloths by zapping them in the microwave. High heat for 1-2 mins


  • Squeeze more juice from a lemon by softening it first for 15-30 seconds in the microwave


Lemon squeeze shutterstock_160769285


  • Sore muscles after a workout? Make a heat compress by filling an old sock with rice or beans (uncooked!). Heat in 15 second increments until the desired heat is reached


  • If honey has solidified inside the jar, uncover the jar (no metal lids inside the microwave), and heat for 30 seconds-1 min (NB be careful not to overheat). This will liquefy the honey ready to be spread


Honey shutterstock_304221722


  • Save a dried out mascara. If your gunky mascara is giving you blobby lashes, try heating the tube on high for 30 seconds. Test consistency and heat longer as needed


Another in our ‘How to: make a difference’ series.

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