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CiD loves... The Play that Goes Wrong

5th May 16, 6:28 pm

If you want to lose yourself in two hours of escapist silliness that will make you laugh until your sides split, then don’t miss The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre, ideal for audiences of all ages.

A play within a play may be a well-tried formula, but in the case of the Cornley Polytechnic’s attempt to produce ‘Murder at Haversham Manor’ the Mischief Group take it to new heights of hilarity with their clever timing and inventive use of malfunctioning props, resulting in daring physical feats that take your breath away.

As the set falls apart, so does the audience with constant laughter, watching this ensemble of young actors deliver minutely detailed comedy performances. Catch the trailer video HERE.

The intimacy of the small theatre contributes to the audience’s sense of being involved as the actors battle against all odds to keep their play going, and the whole thing builds to a delirious climax.

Multi-award winner, this side-splitting production has extended its run into 2017, and booking online is easy HERE.

(And HERE is a useful link to Seatplan, a site where theatre goers review visibility from specific seat numbers.)

CiD’s verdict: we loved it.


The play that goes wrong

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