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How to:... re-home old furniture

11th Apr 16, 12:53 pm

It sounds simple enough, but usually there is pressure to act quickly when there is furniture to move on from your home.

With 10 million household items going into landfill each year, it seems so environmentally unsound just to throw it out.

If large, it needs handling the right way. And there is no compromising – maybe there’s a house move imminent, or a new scheme for the room – so it can’t stay.

Here are 10 solutions you might not have considered;


1.Charity pick up – Outdated furniture can be collected from your door. You will need to ensure it is clean and in good condition, with fire labels attached to upholstered furniture. They can’t always accept mattresses, so best to check. Easy and convenient and you have the satisfaction that it will be going to a good cause.

British Red Cross

The British Heart Foundation

Sue Ryder


2. EBay it (Or Gumtree, Pre-loved) – though don’t under-estimate the time involved in setting up your posts and monitoring the responses. Expect to be honest about the condition, to give dimensions and lots of details, and to respond to questions before the sale. Importantly, make sure it is clear that it’s a collection only item.


3. Broker it. Stuff U Sell acts as a middle-man, providing a valuation, finding a buyer and making collection arrangements, though they take a cut of the sale price. This works well when it is a tough sell – as in the case of an old kitchen, or when there are a large number of items to handle at once. Brilliant when you are renovating an area of the house.


4. Auction it – If it has some value, as an antique or designer item, an auction house is a good way to go – their commission system means they have an interest in achieving the best possible price for you:

Lots Road – e-mail clear photographs and measurements for a valuation

Barnebys – an online auction house offering a free online valuation

Chiswick Auctions – take your items or send in photographs for a free valuation service


5. Council collection – most councils will collect and recycle rugs, sofas, fridges, bed frames or washing machines for a small fee. Once booked you only need leave it outside your front door. Check your council website’s Recycling section.


6. Bequeath it. If the value of your item isn’t so much the issue, but having an easy option to move it on is the thing, Freecycle and Freegle are ways to connect with local people looking for the things you are giving away. You donate, they collect.


7. Drop offThe Furniture Re-use Network gives a directory of drop off centres local to you, where you can take your items – though of course there is some transport and muscle needed on your part. In exchange for the effort know that your items will be re-used and will help low income households.


8. Reinvent it – if it’s an IKEA original, and a re-vamp would do it, a company called Bemz sells cool, stylish covers for furniture in IKEA range sizes.



9. Bestow it – sending a quick email to friends and family, or posting pictures and a description on Facebook could be a really fast way to find a new home for it. Someone you know may have offspring moving to their first flat, in desperate need for that old sofa you no longer want.


10. Delegate it. If it all sounds like just another agitation, your Consider it Done PA can of course handle the whole thing for you.

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