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CiD loves... Borrow My Doggy

4th Apr 16, 11:12 am

You’ve heard of car sharing. Here’s a new concept for time-pressured urbanites longing for a cute pooch in their lives: Doggy borrowing.


It’s such a simple win-win formula it’s genius. No wonder Borrow My Doggy is grabbing city canine lovers by storm across the UK.

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  1. Dog owner, who would like their dog to have more walks, more time out of the house, more human company or even to be able to take weekends away, posts details of their doggy online.


  1. Prospect walker-companions search for a match: a dog local to them with a need they can fulfil, either regularly or once in a while.


  1. The humans talk, meet and work out the details.


  1. The dog makes has a new companion, the owners guilt is relieved and the walker forms a new doggy friendship AND benefits from hours of exercise in the great outdoors they simply wouldn’t have had otherwise.


And the best part is that because no money changes hands, there is no obligation on either side – other than responsible handling and open communication between owner and walker.

Plus great human friendships are formed! All for a small annual subscription to BMD.

When Mike from Consider it Done mentioned to his GP that he was now walking for 3 or 4 more hours a week than before thanks to Borrow My Doggy, the Doctor was bowled over and said he’d be mentioning BMD to all his patients! (Here’s Oreo, a year old cockapoo, a bundle of fluffy fun and now big friends with Mike.)



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