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Stylish and elegant: a Christmas door swag

23rd Dec 15, 5:30 pm

This gorgeous Christmas door swag from one of our favourite local florists stands out amongst its neighbouring front doors’ Christmas decorations with its fresh and vibrant, almost Nordic colours.

As an alternative to a more traditional wreath, the swag concept is a relatively new one, and as a style-setter, the client we arranged it for was keen to keep the swag natural and soft, but also in proportion with her townhouse front door.

Our client simply briefed us, confirmed and selected from the options we provided following our conversations with a range of London florists, opting for a non-traditional but comfortingly seasonal look. The rest was completed by our PA team, right down to overseeing it being hung up at the property, and making payment arrangements with the florist.

A warm welcome to any festive visitor to the house, we love this idea and the client is thrilled with the effect it creates.

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