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Case Study: a secret birthday cake

16th Nov 15, 10:13 am

Backstory: our client was arranging a secret birthday party for her husband’s 50th – an exciting event a long time in the making, involving friends and family arriving in from overseas to be there.


Problem: The stakes were high. As the main organiser, our client would be in the spotlight amongst the guests. Apart from having the event take over any available time she had, she had drawn a blank when it came to the birthday cake. She knew it had to be special – it would be photographed by everyone when it was cut, and eaten and remembered for a long time to come. She wanted it to be a focus of the party – to be made especially for him, to reflect his interests and most of all to tease him and make everyone laugh. Plus – time was tight.


Solution: By handing over the cake problem to CiD the client was able to pitch in all her design ideas, the kind of cake they would all enjoy eating, her hopes for the quality of the end product, her budget and her concerns about it being delivered to the venue in good time, being stored at the venue and hidden out of the way, and how it would be presented.


What CiD did: by spending time fully understanding the client’s vision for the cake, as well as taking on board all her concerns and budget limits, CiD were quickly able to short list cake designers able to deliver in the timescale. Sample sponges were sent for tasting and approval. Designs were drawn, refined and signed off. The PA at CiD calmly handled all the noise and back and forth, answering queries, making sure the team at the venue was kept fully up to speed and playing their part, and making sure every detail was covered off and thought through.


Outcome: The most amazing party was had – the guest of honour had the time of his life. And they haven’t stopped talking about the time that the cake was rolled out to the amazement and hilarity of all. Best of all it was one big worrisome part of the event that the client didn’t have to be concerned about on the night.


The secret: Experience. CiD’s PA was able to visualise everything the client had in mind, asked all the pertinent questions upfront, and thought through every detail. Then having access to the best network of cake designers and contacts made it simple to make the right connections. Plus the PA’s drive and energy made it all happen in a limited time.


(We also helped with the venue choice, wine and canapé selections, to send out invitations, and with car bookings and hair appointments for the night.)

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